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For those that haven't read part 1 and wish some background: http://ift.tt/1uGXJpV This one's a bit long but what can we state, I like to be descriptive. A great deal more action in this one too : Information Technology had been summer time. The climate was absolutely breathtaking. We had left the dorm and gone to our respective homes. She lived far from me; information technology took 2 hours for me to get to her home by general public transit. But guy, had been it ever worth the trip. After fucking like rabbits from September all the way til April we had been just getting some once every couple of days. You can imagine that both of united states had been wanting some much-needed sex! She teased me with a bombardment of text communications like: "I'm sooooo wet :P" "Can't wait to have your cum inside my pussy ;". My goodness if only the individuals close to her knew just how much of a slut she was… She was making me personally peanuts. 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